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Demolition Specialists

At Environmental Contracting & Construction, we specialize in performing safe selective and building demolition services for a wide range of industrial and environmental construction jobs. At ECC, all of our employees possess extensive demolition experience to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the project. From grading and excavating a site to operating your heavy equipment safely, we have the skill and experience to handle a wide range of demolition projects.

Our specialists can safely and effectively provide:

  • Selective demolition
  • Building demolition
  • Removal of a wide variety of surfacing materials on concrete, steel, wood, and brick

Additionally, we are licensed to handle all your hazardous material remediation and disposal needs when the demolition is complete.

Call for Safe Demolition Services

For environmentally friendly demolition services, look no further than Environmental Contracting & Construction. We take pride in providing safe, precise, efficient demolition work throughout Oswego and the surrounding community.

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